Divorcing with Children 104: Using Our Family Wizard

Leslie Barrows
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March 3, 2019
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Child Custody

Families Should be Using Our Family Wizard Software and Apps

The magic of Our Family Wizard (OFW) is not magic at all, rather it is smart scheduling software designed to facilitate communication between parents with shared custody of their children. The shared calendar helps co-parents with visitation swaps, school schedules, and extracurricular events. Using Our Family Wizard is very affordable and parents who use it save money by not needing to go through their divorce lawyer and their office when they can document everything that happens with co-parenting using Our Family Wizard.

When you and the other parent agree to use OFW or the court makes that order, parents in high conflict divorce and family law cases involving child custody can build a working relationship using OFW tools. In real time, parents can use OFW to communicate with an emphasis on being accountable.

Using Our Family Wizard is great because the judge and the lawyers can also view all the communications, so everyone is held to account for their willingness to communicate responsibly and stay focused on the children and their needs. And if you are meeting up to drop off your son or daughter at a certain time and place, the OFW app will record your GPS location and timestamp, avoiding disagreements about pick-ups and drop-offs with the new visitation check-in feature.

Adding Our Family Wizard Language to Your Divorce Decree – Recommended for Many

Southlake area divorce lawyer, Leslie Barrows often talks about the benefits of using Our Family Wizard software for families who do not or cannot communicate. By adding language to your court orders requiring the use of OFW to manage co-parenting, your family can reduce high-conflict situations.

Saying you agree to use the OFW system is one thing, having the language in your Mediated Settlement Agreement and Divorce Decree mandates you and the other parent use OFW to communicate regarding their children. For example, you can state in the court order that the parties are ordered to visit the website, enroll and use the program for at least a one-year subscription.

The Our Family Wizard company offers examples of common order language attorneys can use when parents agree or are ordered to use the program. See some examples of common order language about OFW.

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Watch the OFW Tutorial for Parents

Parents who had been through challenging divorces in past years will be envious of the option for people divorcing with children to use a website like Our Family Wizard to reduce anxiety, increase communication and focus on what is really important, quality one on one time with children. Watch the OFW parent tutorial and learn how this software program can make life easier for you and your family.

The Our Family Wizard Tone Meter

What happens when the other parent is doing or saying something that hits all the right buttons to make you made. If there is a sharp tone to your response, the OFW system will flag your words and ask if you would like to try again and say something nice.

Some judges use the OFW site and can pull up your messages in court. Imagine seeing your angry message along with everyone else in the courtroom. Now imagine the judge finding you in contempt for disregarding their orders. The tone meter can help prevent communication problems turning into higher conflict situations that cost everyone time and resources.

The Our Family Wizard Info Bank

Don’t worry if you can’t remember your son or daughter’s belt size, shirt size or blood type when you use the Our Family Wizard Info Bank to manage private and shared family information. In one organized place, you have everything you need and don’t need to contact the other parent when exercising your own parental rights and duties with your child.

Using the Our Family Wizard Pay Feature for Reimbursable Expenses

Parents can submit their receipts for reimbursable health and medical expenses right on their Our Family Wizard account. Making payments to the other parent is easy using OFWpay™ which uses secure technology for sending and receiving funds. The payments and information transferred cannot be manipulated or changed, another accountability feature offered for Our Family Wizard Users. This reduces the risk that the other parent may misrepresent or confuse others about what money paid is for which expenses.

Families with Fast-Passed Lifestyles are Using Our Family Wizard

Not only divorced parents or parents with sharing custody are using Our Family Wizard software and apps to keep track of shared schedules, expenses, and information. For example, when mom is going out of town for the week and dad needs to get the kids to school, practice and appointments, mom can relax knowing dad has OFW on his side. If you are using Our Family Wizard, share the secret of successful scheduling with your married friends with busy lives.

Qualified Discounts Make Using Our Family Wizard Affordable for All

The Our Family Wizard fee waiver program helps indigent parents and families for whom the annual subscription fee may be a burden. Also, parents who work in public services may receive a half-price discount to an OFW subscription.

The Barrows Firm is Committed to Helping Families Function Well After Divorce and Custody Cases

Leslie Barrows and her team of talented attorneys and paralegals at The Barrows Firm work hard to make sure families are doing well after their case. So much work goes into negotiating and settling divorce and custody cases so that lives are smooth and co-parenting is effective. Call The Barrows Firm in Southlake at (817) 481-1583 with your questions about divorce, custody and using Our Family Wizard.