Paralegals are First Responders

Leslie Barrows
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October 2, 2018
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General Information

Whether serving in Juvenile Law or Private Divorce and Family Practice, Paralegals are True First Responders

Speaking to attendees of the annual State Bar of Texas Paralegal Conference about juvenile law, Leslie Barrows talked about the value of paralegals. “Paralegals are the first responders with the heart and soul of our team, advocating for our clients,” Barrows stated. There is a balance of compassion and responsibility when paralegals are juvenile law first responders.

In divorce and family law cases, paralegals are like nurses who know everything about a patient to assist the treating physician and others in the team. Our paralegals are the law firm’s first responders, giving immediate service and help to clients and the rest of our legal team.

A Team Approach to Service at The Barrows Firm

Being able to immediately respond to any client with an immediate need requires prompt action and a division of duties and responsibilities at The Barrows Firm in Southlake. Our communication and information processes are streamlined to be efficient and effective in helping our clients.

If Leslie or another associate attorney is unavailable in court, a properly instructed paralegal will talk to the client with their question or assist with an urgent matter. Even if the information is to sit tight and not talk to anyone else until Leslie contacts them, the client receives a quick and meaningful response.

Paralegals are First Responders Fielding Phone Calls

When paralegals are working on their instructed duties on client files and work production, such as assisting with discovery responses or requests, the client may rely on the paralegal working on their file to help answer questions and receive information quickly and efficiently, so the process keeps moving at an appropriate pace and issues are correctly addressed.

Attorneys rely on paralegals to research, receive and organize information so the attorneys have accurate information and can contact the clients with any follow up discussion as necessary.

Paralegals are Providing Care for Our Clients

Whether they are returning phone calls or emails, sending or receiving key information about deadlines and hearing or trial dates, paralegals are providing not only care but also reassurance to our clients about their cases and proceedings, so they are informed and comfortable with the process. Here at The Barrows Firm, we know that divorce, family law or custody case may be upsetting and uncomfortable, and we entrust our paralegals to always treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve at an important time in your life.

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