Leslie Barrows Top Attorney 2018

Leslie Barrows
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October 8, 2018
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Being a Top Attorney is an Honor and Responsibility

Leslie Barrows recently received an email notifying her that she was selected to the list of named Top Attorneys in Fort Worth Magazine for Family Law. Nominations and votes by ballot by other Tarrant County attorneys are used in the process of naming annual Top Attorneys to be listed in the annual issue, including profiles of named Top Attorneys. This is the 17th year of the Top Attorneys publication and the December 2018 issue will be available shortly.

Like similar attorney ratings systems and awards, the Fort Worth Magazine Top Attorneys list is derived from local nominations and votes from other attorneys who know, like and trust Leslie Barrows. From watching her in court, by working together on a case, or watching her participate and speak all over Tarrant County for a variety of causes and organizations. Being named a Top Attorney means people are watching and taking notes.

Leslie Barrows Named Top Attorney 2018

The Responsibility of Meeting the Expectations of Others

Earning a positive reputation in a community of eager and zealous professionals takes a significant amount of work and energy. To start getting to know people and be invited to events and opportunities means you must start participating in the community, not only with work and legal related organizations but also the general community at large, where you also meet more professionals in other fields who are a great source of referrals and ideas.

Everyone who has earned recognition among their peers has stepped up to volunteer and help support worthy organizations and spends many hours with a variety of groups focused on causes and goals. Sometimes leadership roles are time consuming and make it difficult to manage a busy practice and busier extracurricular calendar. To that end, everyone who has made a name for themselves has earned it by putting in the long hours and doing their best to keep a positive attitude.

Living with Passion and Humility, Being a Good Member of Your Community

Anyone who thinks they have made it and no longer must work hard will hit the wall of reality, that relevance is not only earned, it must be maintained.

Leslie Barrows offered a few thoughts on the Top Attorney listing, “Being named a Top Attorney by peers helps me realize that while my peers recognize me for my work and dedication to my law practice and my community, I can not sit back and coast.”

As people say we are always learning and always growing, we all can all continue joining new groups, continue saying hello to the past groups and answering the phone when anyone in our past, present or future needs our help or just to talk.

People rely on Leslie Barrows and the attorneys and staff at The Barrows Firm when they need serious experience and attention to their high stakes divorce, custody, juvenile and probate legal matters. Leslie is available to schedule a consultation at (817) 481-1583. Thank you all for naming Leslie Barrows a Top Attorney in 2018.