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Father’s Day and Father’s Rights

Leslie Barrows
 | Published: 
June 18, 2020
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Child Custody

Celebrate Father’s Day and Father’s Rights Sunday June 21st

This coming Sunday the 21st of June is Father’s Day and it is a great time to appreciate father’s rights and their important roles in raising their sons and daughters. Why do we wait for one day a year to appreciate fathers when they are important every day? The Barrows Firm works with fathers and mothers who get a divorce and need to set child custody and possession schedules. Southlake divorce attorney Leslie Barrows, founder of the firm, sees all kinds of parenting situations that foster the growth of parent and child relationships. She knows that even when families use a more traditional co-parenting model, there are creative co-parenting options different families can use to make sure their sons and daughters get quality time with their fathers.

Life has been challenging this year and still many families are affected by COVID-19 Coronavirus, putting a strain on many families whose lives and routines have been disrupted. This Father’s Day might include some different plans from what dads and their kiddos normally do, but that should not take away from the importance of celebrating a great Father’s Day because he is their daddy.

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What are Father’s Rights?

Father’s rights mean the general rights and duties that apply to a father, including his right to parenting time with his children. Father’s rights may also be used as a reference to a father’s right to be notified of any hearing or action about his children, including adoption hearings where in cases a father’s parental rights may be terminated. In an employment context, the term Father’s rights involve the father’s right to time from work to raise a child.

At the Barrows Firm, our client could be the mother or the father. That said, we appreciate the importance of both parents in the growth and development of their sons and daughters. When we talk about Father’s rights in divorce and child custody, we represent our clients to establish the parental rights and duties of each parent. Operating within the Texas Family Code and the local rules of district courts, we negotiate and sometimes need to litigate parenting and children’s issues including Father’s rights.

Why are Father’s Rights Essential to Raising Children?

Father’s rights are important to the emotional development of his sons and daughters. Boys and girls need their fathers in their life and development. Children naturally want to make their fathers proud of them and that is important growth and strength as children grow. Cognitive, emotional, and social development are frequently tied to the roles of fathers in the lives of their children and studies support the importance of affectionate and supportive fathers.

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Fathers and Sons

Sons grow up seeking the approval of their fathers, creating themselves in their father’s image. Dads show their boys how to act and how to conduct themselves in the world. Where a father is loving and supporting to his sons, they will grow up similar. Likewise, boys will likely take on other traits of their fathers and their personality types.

When a boy’s father is not actively present in their lives, the son may look up to other male figures in their lives to model themselves after, learning how to make their way in the world. When parents divorce, father’s rights are an important in determining custody and possession time. Fathers and their sons share relationship bonds necessary to their ongoing development. Even if the father is not the primary parent, it is important for the co-parents to make sure that sons get as much quality with their dads, not only on birthdays and Father’s Day, but every available day.

Fathers and Daughters

Fathers are a sense of security and emotional support. Daughters watch their fathers and learn from how they treat others. Girls who grow up with fathers who are kind, loving, and gentile, seem to seek out their own relationships with similar types of men when they grow older. Similarly, a strong leader-type of a father often leads young girls to grow up and seek our similar men.

Daughters can have many great male role models in their lives, but it all starts with their fathers. Divorce and new living situations are challenging for daughters who may not have their dads with them every day. Even if things go wrong in a marriage, the relationships among daddies and daughters are always building and growing.

Revising the Rights and Duties of Fathers as Time Passes and Sons and Daughters Grow Up

When parents divorce or have a suit affecting a parent-child relationship, the parties and the courts ideally work together to create the best custody and parenting plan, in the best interests of the children. Even when a parent, maybe a father, does not feel like he got his way with parenting time, he should know that things change as the children grow older. It may seem like eternities of time dads may are missing when the mother is named the primary parent. As sons and daughters grow up, they need their fathers at key points in their life when their grounding memories are made. Fathers have opportunities to play an active role in their children’s lives, every day, even if they are not the primary parent out of the gate.

Father’s rights include revisiting custody and parenting as the children grow up. The rights and duties of both parents are subject to enforcement and modification cases when necessary. A substantial change in circumstances may warrant custody or possession modification and certainly a father can be appointed the primary parent and the mother could have reasonable periods of possession.

No matter what the outcome of a divorce or custody case, we all know that our modern society is one of connectivity and whatever your family’s situation may be, fathers should be in as much contact and communication with their sons and daughters as is allowed and reasonable. The father who checks in with his kids all the time, and shows them strength, love, and support, is a father who is raising good kids.

To Talk About Father’s Rights, Call the Barrows Firm in Southlake at (817) 481-1583. Leslie, Amanda, and Everyone at the Barrows Firm Wishes You All Celebrate Father’s Rights and Father’s Day