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Divorcing with Children 107: Preparing for the Holidays

Leslie Barrows
 | Published: 
October 22, 2019
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Child Custody

Tips for Preparing for Holidays when Divorcing with Children

The holiday season is challenging enough for happy couples with children. When you are preparing for, in the middle of, or just post-divorce, it is time to search for a new normal. Your outlook and attitude can be your best allies when it seems like everyone is against you. Despite the peril, you may feel, trying to give your children the best life you can provide, there can be good news about children of divorced parents.

As the study of divorce and children continues, mental health professionals make encouraging reports. Children are better off when their divorced parents worked to maintain positive attitudes in their parenting roles. While so many people worried that kids of divorce would have problems in life, the reality is many are well-adjusted. Divorcing with children does not mean your children are going to be worse off, and when you and the other co-parent keep a strong focus on the best interests of the kids, everyone’s lives can be healthier.

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As Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other seasonal holidays are soon upon us, we have an opportunity to make things best for our kids, which in turn makes things good for us as parents. If you have a conflict with your spouse or ex, you have control over how you let conflict affect you as a parent and as a partner. Even if you feel you have to fake it until you make it through the holidays, you can be the one driving the bus.

Leslie Barrows is a Southlake divorce lawyer at the Barrows Firm and she can help. Whether you are facing a divorce, preparing to file after the Holidays, or need to modify your custody situation, Leslie and her team of talented family lawyers can are there to walk you through the entire process. Call Leslie at (847) 481-1583 or Contact the Barrows Firm online.

Make Plans Now if You Anticipate Holiday Travel – Get Into Court Now

If you anticipate a problem with your possession schedule and holiday events and family get-togethers, call your divorce lawyer now and don’t wait until it is too late to adjust your time with children and family. You might be able to negotiate a compromise with the other parent that saves everyone from a trip to court and the time and expense of asking a judge to make a decision when the parents cannot.

Remember that you and your former spouse should work together as much as possible to provide a good life for the kids, and quality time with both parents. However, there are parts of expanded family dynamics beyond your control. Especially when one of you remarries and blends families, your negotiation efforts can fall by the wayside and you need to go to court.

If you need your divorce lawyer to help intervene and go to court, do it now. When big trips are planned and family events are scheduled, most of us know in advance of scheduling conflicts. Your judge may want to know why the parties are unable to figure things out on their own. It is best if you have a known problem, to address it as early as possible. Judges usually dislike preventable emergency cases.

Your First Set of Holidays with Kids After Divorce

Once you are assured who will have the kids on what holidays, you can make plans. If you currently in a divorce case, refer to your temporary orders and standing orders to remind yourself of your rights and responsibilities as a single parent preparing for the holidays. Your new plans can remind you that quality time with your family does not have to be tied to a specific calendar date. You can also learn an appreciation for the best interests of your children, understanding how important it is for them to have quality time with both their parents.

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Mental Health Professionals Help People Divorcing with Children

A good therapist can be valuable to parents and children in the conflict. The stress of a high-stakes divorce and child custody case can wear the strongest people down. People often tell their divorce lawyer all their thoughts and feelings about what is happening. While it is important to share information with your divorce lawyer, understand that they need that information to represent you and get the right outcome for you and your kids. Meanwhile, the mental health professionals are there to help fix you and help you prepare to find that new normal after the divorce.

Holidays and the seasons can be whatever you want them to be, within reason. If your divorce case is recent, you are probably operating under temporary orders providing for where the kids are going to be on the holidays and whether they will be with you or the other parent.

Knowing what lies ahead is valuable for anyone preparing for what is coming. For example, the holidays are coming whether we like or not. All we can control is our attitude, and a good therapist should help you get your bearings and be the best version of yourself during and after your divorce.

How do You Know You if You Need a Modification Case?

When there are significant changes in the life of a parent or child, a custody modification case might be necessary to fix co-parenting problems. Anything can happen to people and what might have worked before might no longer work and be in the best interests of your children.

When something happens and you need to go to court and ask for a modification of your possession schedule and custody plan, call Southlake divorce lawyer, Leslie Barrows, sooner than later. A modification case is an original lawsuit, similar to your original divorce action. If the holidays are your concern, call the Barrows Firm today so you can get into court soon.

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