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A culture of client service in law firms

Leslie Barrows
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May 4, 2018
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General Information

A culture of client service in law firms

The practice of law can be an honorable profession. In past decades there has been more pageantry in the professional services such as law practice, where the relationships among attorneys and their clients was honorable. Too often today, the pace of technology and business has encroached upon the attorney client culture which is too often noticed in client service.

Especially in divorce and family practice we attorneys sometimes hear clients express their dissatisfaction with their last attorney, often for lack of attention and failure of communication.

Trusted personal advisors and representatives

Creating the best client service culture in a law firm should be any attorney’s goal in small private practice. When you and your client build a trusted relationship, that client should come to you forever with all their questions, and not just in your practice area. While my practice is divorce, juvenile and probate, I know attorneys all over Tarrant and Denton counties, and I would rather help a former divorce client find a good tax, civil, business or criminal defense attorney who I know will do a great job and respect the client and the source of the referral.

Answering the urgent needs of a prospective or current client

One of the easiest ways to set your law firm apart from the rest is to treat every single client and prospective client like a VIP. A gift is returning from court to several messages from several clients waiting on you. Take no more than a minute or two per client to call them, acknowledge their call and tell them when you will realistically be able to communicate in greater depth or answer their question. By doing this you acknowledge to each client that they were important enough to get a return call. The net benefit is a better attorney-client relationship.

Note that some people chose to acknowledge a client quickly through sending short emails or text messages letting them know you got their message and when you can get back to them.

Being focused on results and not the process or means to the end

People want results and in divorce and family law particularly, people will pay for results. At the end of the day, no client ever said they were impressed by the number of well litigated hearings they experienced or how adept their attorney was at being creative and solving problems. Clients want results. When you talk about the process, talk about results and not the path.

Results should be the focus because that is why the client hired you in the first place. Nobody hires a lawyer they think will not get the job done.

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