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5 Ways for Fathers to Increase Parenting Time

Leslie Barrows
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May 2, 2024
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Father's love for their children is unmatched, often felt deeply rather than seen outwardly. At our divorce law firm in Texas, we understand fathers' challenges during divorce. It is a time when every decision, big or small, is made with both heart and mind. Fathers strive to grasp their children's needs and make every effort to meet them. We recognize the significance of this journey, offering guidance and support to fathers navigating through divorce, ensuring that their bond with their children remains strong despite the challenges they may face.

Prioritizing quality time with your kids is essential if you want to build solid ties and emotional stability. We will look at five practical tactics to assist fathers in spending more time with their children and building stronger bonds with them. Before mentioning those tactics, it is important to understand why increasing parenting time in divorce cases is important. So, let's dive into tactics and the importance of parenting time.

Why Does Increasing Parenting Time Matter in Divorce Cases?

To keep the relationship bond strong, fathers must keep in touch and actively participate in their children's lives. Spending more time together enables the father to take an active role in their children's upbringing, favorably impacting their development, morals, and general well-being. Beyond the paperwork, it's about providing the children with emotional support and stability. 

It ensures that fathers continue to play a significant role in their children's lives by offering them love, support, and direction through a trying time. By emphasizing more parenting time, fathers may lessen the effects of divorce and maintain their vital participation in their children's lives.

What are the Legal Rights?

Knowing your legal rights surrounding parenting time during a divorce is essential. A family law attorney can provide you with valuable insight into the particular rules and laws that apply to your area. Furthermore, you can speak up in favor of just and equal parenting plans that put children's needs first.

Enhancing Parenting Time

Now, it is time to understand the tactics so that your bond with your children always shines.

Effective Co-Parenting Communication

Effective communication is essential for demonstrating our love and respect for one another. To maintain polite communication while co-parenting, being open to love, gestures, and kindness is important. You can also speak about decisions and parenting.

Co-parenting apps and online calendars are good tools for arranging schedules and communicating vital child information. Always prioritize your child's well-being by avoiding fighting with them and attending to their needs.

Be Actively Involved in your Children's Life

Spend quality time with your children regularly, engaging in activities they enjoy. Many children enjoy playgrounds or parks - or simply being outside or playing sports.  

Attend school events, extracurricular activities, and medical appointments whenever possible. In other words, stand and support your children when they feel alone or anxious. Show interest in their hobbies, achievements, and challenges to demonstrate your support and love.

Enroll in Parenting Education Programs

Take parenting programs to improve your ability to provide care and acquire practical co-parenting techniques.

Look for classes that address subjects such as;

Investing in your own personal development as a dad will benefit you and your children. In general, you need to know how to handle situations where children feel stuck, such as doing their homework, eating, or engaging with other kids at school or outside.

Flexible Work Arrangements with Employer

If you have a desk job, the greatest alternative is to strive for remote work. Otherwise, to meet your parenting schedule, talk to your employer about flexible work choices like telecommuting, flexible hours, or reduced workweeks.

Request your employer to implement family-friendly policies in order to assist working parents—including fathers who want to spend more time with their children. Make maintaining a healthy work-life balance a priority to make sure you have enough time for your kids.

Seek Support and Community

Use community organizations, internet forums, or support groups to connect with other fathers going through similar challenges. You may gain a lot of knowledge by sharing your experiences and asking others to do the same. Things go more smoothly and lead to solutions when a father in the same circumstance offers advice and resources.

Your support system should consist of a network of friends, family, and professionals who understand and support your efforts to be an engaged father. Do your own research and read about other people's experiences online.

Why should you choose Barrows Firm?

Barrows Firm recognizes the significance of a father's participation in divorce proceedings. In order to help fathers defend their parental rights and expand their parenting time, we offer individualized legal support and advocacy. Our group is committed to empowering fathers with the tools they need to keep deep, meaningful ties with their kids both throughout and after the divorce process.


By implementing these five strategies, fathers can proactively increase their parenting time and strengthen their bonds with their children. Through our tailored legal assistance and representation, we enable dads to safeguard their parental entitlements and extend time spent with their children. At Barrows Firm, we know how crucial father participation is in divorce proceedings. Let's work together to ensure that, despite the difficulties of divorce, dads and their children have an unbreakable link.